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Warning!! We may share a lot type of movies in our website, but this page only for Bluray 720p and 1080p. Here you will get only best quality Bluray movies with small size.


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  1. King says:

    Will be upload ……………. !!

  2. Rafique Islam says:

    The Gods Mast Be Crazy.1,2,3,4 Pls Upload

  3. Junaid Mansoor says:

    Thanks for uploading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out of shadows in hd and you are the best website ever♥♥

  4. Marina Keisuke Oxenstierna says:

    Hey can you upload Pride and Prejudice?

  5. Rajan Thakur says:

    I find only one movie hindi dubbed…..avatar..plz upload other hindi dubbed…..n its awesome site

  6. Herc Mejia says:

    plss add never back down 2 & 3

  7. Kyle Reeves says:

    Can you please upload suicide squad and ghost busters don’t care what quality just love those movies.
    Thanks ?

  8. Bola Adebiyi says:

    i enjoy visiting this site. Wonderful!!!

  9. Junaid Mansoor says:

    We needs new movies not old plz post latest movies

  10. Junaid Mansoor says:

    Filmxy u are too slow in posting new flim in HD need to b better

  11. RAJAN P G says:

    it is a awesome site
    I like it, and enjoyed

  12. Junaid Mansoor says:

    Can u post warcraft movie in bluray please

  13. abidez wani says:

    This site iz amazing full of HD movies i have a request to pls add the subtitles of hindi or urdu in each english movies dual audia support.Thank U.

  14. jonri pangaribuan says:


  15. PetLover Manimal says:

    First time visiting this website, awesome !

  16. Rhiannon Skye Nicol says:

    This website is amazing! Any chance you can get the 2014 movie Pride?

  17. David says:

    Could You upload We’re The Millers please. Great site.

  18. Zhixing Jason ZHANG says:

    Thx for the great movies u’ve uploaded, so what zbout Zootopia?Will you upload it soon?

  19. Mozain Shamat says:

    Insidious (2010) the uptobox link is for Eagle Eyes movie.. Insidious Chapter 3 file not found… Please fix.. Thank you…

  20. Junaid Mansoor says:

    Can you post lollywood movies in bluray?

  21. Mozain Shamat says:

    File not found for SPY(2015) Bluray 720p & 1080p.. Please fix.. Thank you..

  22. Junaid Mansoor says:

    Good job filmxy plz post latest movies in 1080p , Captain America civil Waar, can you post Pakistani Movies, lollywood?

  23. Farooque TK says:

    Malayalam Movie

  24. xSHRUG_LYFE says:

    “The Long Kiss Goodnight” Please?

  25. Shehraam Alii says:

    I downloaded the movie when I opened the downloaded link it was asking to unzip can u tell me about this?

  26. Jerzus Venturina says:

    Please add Lukewarm 2012 movie! I would be very greatful!

  27. Miracle Martinez says:

    Can the Halloween Series be added please! This is like the best site I have ever been too.

  28. Syed Mehro says:

    Plz can u tell me how to download movies

  29. Pjort (Nurhafizah) says:

    Can you please upload the Bring It On Collection….
    1. Bring It On: Again (2004)
    2. Bring It On: In It To Win It (2006)
    3. Bring It On: All Or Nothing (2007)
    4. Bring It On: Fight To The Finish (2009)

    Thank you very much… 🙂

  30. August (Yoda) says:

    Could you add Scott Pilgrim Vs The World please? Love you guys and thanks for the movies.

  31. lbj says:

    Please The Punisher 2004 1080p, The losers 2010 1080p, The Green Hornet 2011 1080p

  32. Thomas Dwin says:

    Please upload “V for Vendetta” 🙂

  33. Qaseh Aisya Raziq says:

    Dear sir, please upload movie Premium Rush (2012)

  34. Edwin Agas says:

    Why is it that i cant download? I just registered here. Below is the error message.

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /home/filmxy/public_html/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php on line 2789

    Please fix…

  35. Rafique Islam says:

    Pls Add Bangla Action movie

  36. Ehab Abd El-galil Eldeberky says:

    please put the subtitles for steve jobs, the boy and the 5th wave
    also upload ( in the heart of the sea )
    and really thank you for your great effort

  37. Mayank Mrinal Sinha says:

    hey there, plz add basketball diaries and body of lies

  38. Pressley Holmes says:

    I only download via 1fichier and Step Up 1-5 do not work after download.

  39. pasham bharat simha reddy says:

    If the movies list was an yearly based would be great for easy search and the rest search options are better than any other sites and this site is good providing all hollywood bollywood movies thanks for filmxy

  40. Nadeem Khan says:

    Amazing Site -;) I Believe no Doubt -:)

  41. Almer Novencido says:

    Mga sir pwede po bang bawasan natin ang mga ads po ntin.bigla po kcing sumidinget ang mga ads khit d naman senesearch.tnx

  42. Mohammed Ziad says:

    please ReUpload Star Wars Movies

  43. Sahil Incubus Gurung says:

    Hey admin!
    Please make an App for this site… So we can easily login to it and download movie… Thank you…. Must have an app for FilmXy. ??

  44. Säfäéït Hössäîñ says:

    Please fix all damn download link, will ya?

  45. Allan Aquino Marjolino says:

    Why most of the movies saying,files not found ,files expired?? I cant download….most of them…….is there a technical problem?

  46. Säfäéït Hössäîñ says:

    ‘Uptobox’ Download Link Isn’t Working. Please Fix This.

  47. Almer Novencido says:

    Pls.upload green inferno 2015 in hd redolotion

  48. Wajdee Mohamad says:

    one of the most useful sites ever ! <3

  49. Tito Okpoho says:

    I can’t download too

  50. Rafique Islam says:

    Hi… i m Pleast See the Site

  51. khadafy fadholi s says:

    great site buddy

  52. Zarah Marshall says:

    I think this is cool and I am new.

  53. Shawn Brady says:

    please post Steven Seagal’s 1990 movie Marked For Death in 720p..

  54. Shawn Brady says:

    this is the best movie site ever. quality new movies and all the classics. can you put up the old van damme and jet li movies…

  55. Samar Randhawa says:

    true decetive series is also missing in the list

  56. Samar Randhawa says:

    Yes it is very good site but lots of movies are not in the list please add all the movies in the list like the deer hunter

    and make list of oscar winning movies

  57. HD T says:

    Really its a wonderful page for downloading any movies.. and one good will is that we can also send messages for putting old & new movies as our wish… You gys are doing really a good job.. Hats off gys..

  58. Almer Novencido says:

    Hi!!can you pls upload more tagalog movies.plz

  59. Deep Kumar says:

    Please upload Black Snake Moan in 720p and 1080p

  60. sento maru says:

    MI : Rouge Nation on 1080p quality please 😉

  61. Deep Kumar says:

    Help!!!! None of the 720p or 1080p links of the movie Spring Breakers are working

  62. Elijah M says:

    Can you please upload all James Bond movies? It would be interesting if you could. Thanks.

  63. Eddy Booduck says:

    please upload -The Usual Suspects (1995)
    and all scary movie 1 to 5

  64. Eddy Booduck says:

    why there are only a few movie list?

  65. ORN NISHAN says:

    me earl and the dying girl … PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  66. Almer Novencido says:

    More tagalog movies pls.

  67. Snarf Manalo Callueng says:

    guys kindly teach me how to download movies on this cite.. my first time 🙂

  68. Buddy Elmo Hutomo says:

    m0vie list is l00ese…please maintenance it.

  69. Wise Drakusiwale says:

    wea r the lists

  70. Johnny Doe says:

    please fix the movie list error quickly….cuz im rely on the list to download my movies..

  71. Almer Novencido says:

    Why the hobbbit 2014 cant play even you extract?help pls.

  72. Almer Novencido says:

    Great downloding movie site.great job

  73. Ryan Duarte says:

    this website is awesome … but guys why i cant search is website rebuilding

  74. shahnaz nipa says:

    this site is very organized site nd dnt face any hassle to download a movie…………..and print quality is excellent……………..but should added huge collection of movies…

  75. Johnny Doe says:

    where are all the list?? i cant see nothing

    [post_list] this is all i got from the list

  76. Mark Fabian says:

    I so love this site!!

  77. Razet blindness says:

    Yes its good

  78. mom zizo says:

    yes i believe this excellent filmxy site.

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