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Posted on: March 21st, 2015

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We are getting some reports that some of our member having problem with download.
here is a tutorial that should help you to solve this problem.

When you click on Blue download button then you will be taken to this page below.


Select any of your favourite link and watch the video below….

If you still having problem please comment below and we will make another tutorial 🙂 well you need to login to comment so just use any of your facebook, google or twitter account 😉



How to Download??
Download Button Watch Button

74 Responses

  1. I AM trying to download the jungle book 2016 in 1080p bluray….i clicked on uptobox but its says files not found.THERE WERE 4 LINKS …I DIDNT FIND IT IN THOSE LINKS…………………………..HELP MEEE

  2. unable to download …everytime i hit the download button it redirects me to a page where only watch online option is available no download link ….Any1 up for some assistance……..

  3. where are the people that asking the question, why there are no reply from them, what exactly their problem ? XD
    i can download the movie perfectly fine, even the movie from 2 years ago, this web is amazing

  4. i can’t play the movie (paper towns). i don’t know why. the file is WinRar, and cannot extract. please response, i’m waiting for long time to download paper towns

  5. Not able to download any movie. Every time i click on a download link i am redirected to either SCREEN ADDICT software download site or site : which forces me to download an HD Video player software. And whats more even after downloading the shit software i am not able to get a link to the movie. Please provide me a solution.

    • Hello bro there are ads like download button… you need to click the right download button at the bottom of the page… that will take you to download link.. no software needed… please let me know if you still have the problem.

  6. Poltergeist file deleted at tusfile host, and when i use clicknupload it will work but it will done i a second and no file at all. pls help. thnk u.

  7. Please can you put more links, Clicknupload does not support mobile anymore, its not userfriendly. I prefer 1Fichier which is always friendly.

    • more link mean more time. you can see we upload many movies everyday and if we want to add more links then we have to minimize then amount of movie 🙁

  8. I try to use the clicknupload link and it downloads a javascript coded file first. Then when I click on the download link again (to download the (.zip) file, it shows the downloaded file but nothing is moving. The file shows 0 Mb out of O Mb being transferred. Help please.

    • We are really sorry for the issue but as you know we don’t control the hosts like clicknupload, uptobox or tusfiles so if there is any problem in those site we can’t fix them. If the the link is deleted then we can re-upload them. Can you give me the movie name so that i can investigate the problem 🙂

    • what is the problem with TusFiles?? If it has any problem we will change it…. but as long as we know it’s easier then clicknupload… plz give us more info 🙂

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