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We have been received many complain about download issue, many of you don’t know how to use binbox so we have decided to change binbox and use a vary easy download system hop you will like it. We want to make a better website so we will try to fix all issue as soon as possible and for that we need your help. If you have any problem in any part of our website just post a bug or any report in comment and will fix it vary soon… Have fun….





Please provide as much information as possible…..





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  1. Mars says:

    hello thanks for your hard work! can you please reupload star wars episodes 4 and 5? none of the links work says the file has been deleted

  2. muniraju says:

    Hi, 3 or 4 download links is came,
    Click any link that time this massage is

  3. Chris Marlin says:

    P.S. The new changes look GREAT!!

  4. Chris Marlin says:

    Suicide Squad would not play in VLC after I downloaded it. I tried to download from 2 servers…

    A Hard Days Night is missing download links


  5. Nasiruddin Mohd Razib says:

    Mechanic Resurrection 2016 there is no link to download…

  6. M.j says:

    Hello ! big fan here ,

    just want to ask if its possible to reupload avengers Age of ultron again , the links are dead πŸ™

  7. Seiboi haokip says:

    Hi.. Can’t download transporter refueled…. It says link expired… Please fix as soon as possible

  8. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please upload Unnatural 2015 in 1080p?

    If Avalible?

    Thank You

  9. Will Wood says:

    i cant find the link to download this movie ”Into the Blue”

  10. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please upload The Last House on the Left (2009) in 1080p?

    if its available

    Thank you for your time

  11. Naresh Moirangthem says:

    sorry sir i unable to download the movies from uptobox download link…what wrong with this link…..will you fix it…??/?/

  12. Herc Mejia says:

    plsssss provide search tool,

  13. Ash Hill says:


    Theres no download link for Robinson Crusoe on Mars


  14. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  15. Zina Sagoo says:

    I’m still waiting for you to upload: Cry Wolf 2005, and Gossip 2000 please please. I want these movies. Please.

  16. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get The Last House on the Left 1972 in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  17. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get Waiting to Exhale in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  18. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get Company of Heroes in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  19. Arpandeep Singh says:

    I am unable to download…when I press the download button I get redirected to another blank page…
    Plz help..

  20. Martin Joseph Dio Abion says:

    Please upload The Conjuring 2 HD 720 p

  21. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get Dom Hemingway in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  22. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get The White Buffalo (1977) in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  23. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get The Waterboy in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  24. ShopShop Affordabest says:

    why is that the movie the boy the picture do not appear while playing the stuck with green one.. there’s a voice but there’s no picture at all..please check this movie thanks.. 4 times i’ve downloaded but still nothing happens

  25. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get Menace to society in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  26. Ash Hill says:

    Could you get the rocky horror picture show in 1080p if possible?

  27. Ash Hill says:


    Could you Satan’s Little Helper in 1080p if possible?


  28. Zharfan Muizz says:

    please upload Hot Girls Wanted (2015) thank you

  29. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please upload new worlds mini series 2014 in 1080p? if its available

    Thank you for your time

  30. Surya Prakash S says:

    Hey Dude!!!!! Can you Upload Immortal Beloved (1994) Movie?

  31. Rumunoskey Akasaka says:

    The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) 720p & 1080p Bluray file not found.

  32. Budi Gendruwo says:

    The download links from the movie “Into The Blue (2005)” lead us to the file of “Finding Nemo”.
    Please fix it. Thank U.

  33. Angad Sharma says:

    this link does not contains the movie. the zip file only contains filmxy.jpg image.

  34. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get Treasure Of The Black Jaguar in 1080p?

    if possible?

    Thank You

  35. August (Yoda) says:

    Star Wars Episodes I-VI’s mirror links are not working, neither for 720p nor 1080p. Since you have The Force Awakens (thanks very much by the way, it’s lovely), it would be awesome to be able to have the rest of the series as well. Thanks to you all for the hard work that you put into making movies available for us here free. I realize it is a labour of love and I want to let you know you are the best and keep up the brilliant work yeah. Cheers!

  36. Lewie Rivera Costales says:

    kungfu panda 3, batman v superman, deadpol the file is corrupt when i extract it plos fix it

  37. Raven CoRvus says:

    Hello. Can you fixed the link for Dracula (1992) 720p & 1080p???? TQ soo much

  38. Ash Hill says:


    Could You get Casa di Mi Padre in 1080p if possible?

    Thank You

  39. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please upload The Witch 2015 in 1080p? if its available

    Thank you for your time

  40. Ni Made Anwiningsih says:


    Please fix uptobox download for creed 720, right now it say file is not there.

  41. Isumairu El Fekak says:

    Hi could you reupload Sherlock holmes the abominable bride all links are down , Thank you ^^

  42. muzzamil momoh says:

    I can download most movies, point break, ipman3, daddy’s home etc. All the download links arnt working… It just keeps rolling and dosnt download… Please fix this

  43. muzzamil momoh says:

    Nice website guys, I am a new user. My issue is with the download links. Sometimes, they don’t download. I use UC browser, after generating a download link and I start download it just keeps retrying and eventually downloads an empty file. I initially thought the problem had to do with my device until I tried downloading mackingjay 2. All the links did the same retrying thing except the last one (click and upload link). I tried IPman3 and none of the links downloaded. Thanks.

  44. Leonardo Miccoli says:

    Knight of Cup’s download link is offline

  45. Richard Surya Darma says:

    please reupload [18+] Darkside Witches (2015) HD-Rip,the file is erased,thanks

  46. Micho Tito says:

    hi!, first let me thank for you awesome web site, l love it… now, well its not an “error” or something, its just that l was looking for “Ip Man 3 2016” with mike tyson, but l cant found it, only the third ip man movie, but the 2010 one, l dont know why they named it Ip Man 3 the one l am looking for but its the name of the movie thats for sure…

  47. Samuel Hadi Dwiputra says:

    after a few days i check the walking dead season 5 again, and it say:

    Deceptive site ahead

    Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).

    is it really not safe?

  48. Aanisah Lutfiyyah Syarief says:

    when i go to the download link, i got warning like “Deceptive site ahead”. So i cant download film anymore from this site, please check it. Thank you so much

  49. Samuel Hadi Dwiputra says:

    the walking dead season 5 file not found,

  50. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please get Grizzly Park 2008 in 1080p?

    Thank You

  51. Siddharth Singh says:

    i dont know whats the problem but whenever i try to download the movies which r very good then it says “file not found” or “505 error”.
    please fix the problem….

  52. Ahmadd Sabbah says:

    I’m trying to find movies beginning with T like “The Dark Knight Rises” or “Transformers” but there isn’t a single movie in the T section. Thank You πŸ™‚

  53. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please get Apocalypto in 1080p?

    Thank You

  54. Duduzile Mahlangu says:

    Everything is press download it redirect me to phone. Mobile and I get a message in have subscribed to a R35 a day which is didn’t. Pls help by making sure that we don’t get redirected to sites where we r robbed pls. Tx

    • BlackReaper says:

      It could be our ad… Bro we have to pay our server bills which is huge… so we need to run ads… just close the ads and visit our website πŸ™‚
      if you have any other problem please let me know…

  55. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please get Jeeper’s Creepers 2 in 1080p?

    Thank You

  56. NANDHA GOPAN says:

    There’s Some Error In The Download Links Page Of “Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome (1985) BluRay 720p & 1080p”… The 1080p Links Are Absent And 4 Empty Links, Which Redirect Back To The Same Page Are Present… Please Fix The Links…

  57. Shavimal Sasiri says:

    the hobbit: battle of the five armies i try to download it two times but there was an error

  58. Firman Nugroho says:

    wish filmxy can upload tv series :
    – shadowhunters 720p
    – lucifer 720p
    – constantine 720p

    thank you πŸ™‚

  59. Firman Nugroho says:

    The Last Witch Hunter (2015) 720p

    all download link dead, can you fix it?

  60. Ash Hill says:

    High school musical 1080p?

  61. George Voon says:

    The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) 720p & 1080p Bluray
    Please reupload this movie! The links are all DOWN! Thanks!

  62. George Voon says:

    Please reupload The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) 720p & 1080p Bluray! Thanks FILMXY!

  63. Ash Hill says:

    Rise of the Footsoldier 1080p? Please

  64. Ash Hill says:

    dixeland 1080p?

  65. Ash Hill says:

    treasure of the black jaguar 1080p??

  66. axel blaze says:

    links of movie love and other drugs not working plss reupload it

  67. axel blaze says:

    plss upload curse of the dragon slayer 2014 720p

  68. axel blaze says:

    pls upload aurora 2015 720 p

  69. axel blaze says:

    plss reupload NH10 links are not working

  70. axel blaze says:

    pllss reupload underground rise of the lycans 720p links they r downloading another movie named u-571

  71. Ash Hill says:

    dazed and confused 1080p

  72. vijay sankar says:

    Please reupload the star wars movies.

  73. axel blaze says:

    plss upload movie 127 hours 720 p

  74. Shoaib Mohammad says:

    Terminator Salvation did not had download file

  75. Ash Hill says:

    O Brother, Where Art Thou? 1080p

  76. Tħể MyΕ‘tểrĩợuΕ‘ EF says:

    the proplem is when i click on download link like uptobox or any link nothing happend (i must open link in new tap by click right click to open it) so i think u must log in πŸ˜€ cuz when i login it gone :)))

  77. axel blaze says:

    guys plss reupload games of thrones SO1Ep5 its not working showing error 500 after clicking on download button in uptobox site
    plss get it changed fast guys

  78. axel blaze says:

    guys plss fix arrow season 1 its showing error 404 page nt found plss look to it as fast as you can guys

  79. axel blaze says:

    dude plss fix arrow season 1 showing error 404 page not found plss look to it as fast you can guys

  80. axel blaze says:

    plss do fix max payne movie links too they arnt working

  81. Karanaz Abbas says:

    Dear Admin
    About the movie (Love And Other Drugs 2010) all links it doesn’t work, please re-upload it if possible.

  82. Ash Hill says:

    Any Given Sunday 1080p Please

  83. thewa penjor says:

    this site has hard process to download……again hav to pay……so boring

    • Shadow says:

      Wow, U are the first person to say that , If this site is hard to download i don’t know what u will say about other site. And it’s free to download if you don’t know how to download then check our tutorial.

  84. Ash Hill says:

    Animal House (1978) 1080P Pleases???

  85. Ataullah Naeem says:

    its not working…

  86. rohasidi hamzah says:

    i cann’t download, everytime 1 click any download version nothing happen.

  87. Mohammed Ziad says:

    Plz ReUpload All Star Wars Movies

  88. Ash Hill says:

    running scared 1080p

    the waterboy 1080p

    happy gilmore 1080p

  89. Ash Hill says:

    the searchers with john wayne in 1080p?

  90. Ash Hill says:

    Once upon a time in the west in 1080p Please?

  91. Prateek Bragta says:

    what is the password of zip files downloaded from…..

  92. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please get Get Carter,running scared and the birds in 1080p?

    Thank You

  93. Ash Hill says:

    theres no download links for lawless?

  94. Ash Hill says:

    Could you get timeline in 1080p?


  95. Dhika Luqman says:

    Olympus Has Fallen falling down… no files to download in any quality. Olympus Has Fallen and has gone from existing server to download. Please find where they are going too. thanks πŸ™‚

  96. Ash Hill says:

    there’s no 1080p download for lord of the rings fellowship of the ring?

  97. Shahadat Hossain says:

    Sir, please upload or replace the dead links specially in case of Dexter, Game of Thrones, Flash and all popular TV shows.

    Also please upload all movies from ‘Shrek’ series.

  98. sento maru says:

    Goodwork on reuploading most of the movies,but please reupload harry potter movies,thanks πŸ˜€

  99. Ash Hill says:


    Le Capital in 1080p Please?

  100. Ash Hill says:


    Could you get 300 in 1080p?

    And could you change platoon to a zipp folder in 1080p download instead on rar

  101. Roofiss says:

    Download link for β€œSicario”, doesn’t work. Keeps opening a new window for the same movie.

  102. Ash Hill says:

    Could you guys please get O Broother Where art thou? in 1080p?

    Thank You

  103. Ash Hill says:

    theres no download link for tusk!!

  104. Nour Al Ain Lazhar says:

    Please Repair the Download Sites of this Movie and the other Movies

  105. Amer Alsbaihat says:

    The Water Hosre (2007) link error !!!!!!!

  106. Alexis Rogers says:

    Again, none of the Marvel movies have any download links whatsoever. πŸ™

  107. Ash Hill says:

    Could you get the keeping Room in 1080p?

  108. Roofiss says:

    Download link for “Sicario”, doesn’t work. Keeps opening a new window for the same movie.

  109. Alexis Rogers says:

    Hello I’m new here and I am super appreciative that this website exists! But over the last few days I have noticed that several of the more popular films such as Captain America, Captain America TWS, other Marvel movies, Pitch Perfect, etc., the download links are broken, showing “error 404 page not found” or “link not found” or “invalid request” pages pop up after I click the download link. And the one or two links that do work are so slow I have to stop because I don’t have a lot of internet access. Also, ALL of the Uptobox links I click on gives me an “Uptobox is not available in your country” message page even though Uptobox links were working great for me last week? Thanks for reply if you can!

    • Shadow says:

      Bro , we are aware about our problems and we are trying to fix as soon as possible. In a short time all link will be fixed. and you said uptobox recently blocked by your country that’s not a problem.Now we share 4 links/host , i am sure you will find at least 1 suitable links from other 3 . thanks for staying with us =) .

  110. anik nizam says:

    the search machine of this site is not working.what i will do now?

  111. Shaider Emon says:

    and file not found in other movies?! whats wrong with your site?

  112. Shaider Emon says:

    superslow download in uptobox!

  113. Ash Hill says:

    Could you get Hick, The birds and Two Mules for Sister Sara in 1080p?

    Thank You

  114. Ash Hill says:

    Could you get the final girls in 1080p?

  115. Ash Hill says:

    superfast 1080p download has no file!!

  116. Ash Hill says:

    Could you get Michael Clayton in 1080p?

    Thank You

  117. Reagan Seli says:

    13 SINS cannot download. Link dead. Reupload please.

  118. anitha sil says:

    pl make it the downloading process easily. πŸ™ πŸ™

    • BlackReaper says:

      brother we do want to make easy download option. the download option was harder before we made it easy as much as possible… πŸ™
      do you have any suggestion about the download option…??

  119. anitha sil says:

    hi i cant download the movies i want here. downloading process not easy and canot get the download link .pls easily downloading process i need.bcos all movies here with superb print.

  120. Ash Hill says:


    Could you get the blind side in 1080P?

    Thank You

  121. Ash Hill says:


    Could you get strange wilderness in 1080p?

    Thank You

  122. Ash Hill says:


    Could you get Pearl Harbour in 1080p?

  123. Ash Hill says:

    The 1080p download for boy next door dosent work!!!!

  124. Allan Aquino Marjolino says:

    Pls fix the “Me and Earl and the dying girl” when you clicked download, different title appears to it, percy jackson sea monster lol..

  125. Ash Hill says:


    Could you get Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby in 1080p?

    Thank You My Friend

  126. Ash Hill says:


    What about the Indiana Jones movies 1080p?

    Thank You

  127. Lee Townsend says:

    ClickNUpload link not working for Snowpiercer 1080p and 720p
    Uptobox not available where I live.
    Fix would be greatly appreciated ^-^

  128. Wei Bin says:

    can’t download movies, uptobox and tusfile

  129. Wei Bin says:

    can’t search movies

  130. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please get 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (1978) 1080p?

    Thank You

  131. Ash Hill says:


    Could you please get Enter the Dragon (1973) in 1080p?

    Thank You

  132. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Descendants (2015) links won’t work

  133. Debbie Conradie says:


    The requested URL could not be retrieved this is the message I get when I try and download any of the movies, if I use the Zip file it also won’t open????

  134. Ash Hill says:

    Could you guys get chopper with Eric bana 1080p?

  135. Ash Hill says:

    Could yo upload a new download link for mackennas gold? The link at the moment doesn’t work

  136. Makmur Susanto says:

    Transformer 2 1080p link is not working (File Not Found)

  137. Kristine Louisse Primera says:


    I would like to report an Error to the Movie Link for “LEGION 2010” ( All Links are dead except for the Link provided in UPTOBOX but the problem is the Movie uploaded in the link is “GHOST OF MARS 2001”.

    I hope soon the link will fixed. Looking forward to download the Movie LEGION 2010 very soon. THANKS A LOT in advance =)

  138. Ash Hill says:


    Could you get The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies 1080P?

  139. tony dfouny says:

    arrow season 3 episodes are deleted

  140. tony dfouny says:

    Arrow season 3 episodes are not available

  141. Ash Hill says:


    Do you guys have El Chrysler 300 in 1080p?

    Thank You

  142. Ash Hill says:

    Thank You for the last of the mohicans in 1080p!!

    you guys are amazing!!!!

  143. Ash Hill says:

    The Audio for mackenna’s gold dosent work!

  144. Ash Hill says:


    You must be able to get the last of the mohicans in 1080p?

  145. Ash Hill says:

    The Audio for mackenna’s gold dosent work!!!

  146. Soon-Bok Kohana says:

    Hello. Can you fixed the link for Big Hero Six for 720p?? Thank you. πŸ™‚

  147. Yendi Adrian says:

    #2214pcbb | Grace of Monaco (2014) 1080p
    #850bgTL | Colt 45 (2014) 1080p
    #1380kBWd | Dragon Blade (2015) HDTS
    #846wrvH | Ironclad Battle For Blood (2014) 1080p
    #1333Y3gy | Fasandraeberne aka The Absent One (2014) 1080p
    #997sD51 | The Perfect Wave (2014) 1080p
    #62PC5h | Stalingrad (2013) 1080p
    #2388wGUm | Maggie (2015) Hd-Rip

    unworking link….

  148. Yendi Adrian says:

    #26002EjH | Barely Lethal (2015) 720p WEB-DL all link not working

  149. Ghalih Lhegawa says:

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

    I can’t get the BR1080p link. help me please πŸ™

  150. Yendi Adrian says:

    Sabotage (2014) BR1080 link not working, pls fix it. ty

  151. Meow Meow says:

    link deleted .pls fix it

  152. Safi Malik says:

    dual audio movies

  153. Apu Barman says:

    how can i download this movie???????? pls tell me soon ok……

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